Pioneers of sustainability

Implementation of instruments and policies of safeguard and management of resources

Ambiente Italia offers since 20 years solutions for sustainability on national and European level. Our mission consists in the realization of studies and projects capable to define the standards and the terms of reference for the main environmental policies.
The committed acceptance to the value of sustainability and the deep knowledge of environmental themes bring us to consider every job as an interesting professional challenge, even when facing difficult situations. A long experience and highly skilled staff allow us to conduct every task in the best way , to experiment innovative solutions and to optimise obligations and variables at stake. With the establishment, in 2010, of Ambiente Italia Progetti, engineering and design company, we offer our services together with a qualified group of partners (freelance professionals or companies) as a subject able to follow the whole procedure of planning, design and realization of interventions for the environment and sustainability.

Green heart
  • Plans and interventions for the sustainability of the environment and the territory
  • Enhancement and safeguard of natural and landscape resources
  • Circular economy, eco-efficiency, LCA Thinking, Renewable energy, reduction of climate-changing emissions, adaptation to climate changes
  • Eco-compatible management and garbage reduction policies
  • Evaluation of environmental impact
  • Systems of environmental management, security, energy and social responsibility
New paths
  • Inter-disciplinary structure, update and innovation in analysis methods
  • Management of active processes, facilitation, environmental communication
  • More than 1500 projects concluded on behalf of local and national authorities and companies
  • Constant presence in EU’s research programs with more than 80 projects for whom financings have been acquired and developed innovative actions in partnership with public and private authorities
  • Recognitions obtained on national and European level
  • Active participation to national and international networks