Environmental footprint and product policies

Life Cycle Thinking, Product policies, Environmental qualification of products and organizations

Defining the environmental impact of a product’s life cycle can be useful both for producers, who can improve their production’s efficiency on the base of a Life Cycle Assessment, and users, who can increase their awareness about the environmental impact, when choosing a product. Ambiente Italia is one of the first companies in Italy experimenting the application of the products’ life cycles methodologies, through the introduction and test of recognised international best practices. This approach, complementary to the environmental evaluation, is able to highlights the impacts on a global level which are indirect consequences of single local behaviours related to the purchase of a product or to the choice of a production process.


Through the comparison of the different impacts associated to climate-change and polluting emissions, water withdrawals and raw materials consumption, it’s possible to define and compare the overall environmental impact of different products available on the market.


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