About us

Ambiente Italia Group was born from the merge of Ambiente Italia S.r.l. and Ambiente Italia Progetti, two firms bound ever since their origin by a shared vision: to offer the technical expertise and a top-level team to implement sustainability plans and services.

One single group that provide technical advisory, together with the services of a certified ESCo and a team of engineers and project designers.

Ambiente Italia, born in 1995, is one of the most important environmental consulting firms in Italy. Thanks to a recognized authority in this field, throughout the years we have brought innovative solutions to the environmental and energy policies in Italy and in Europe, collaborating with private firms as well as public institutions.
Ambiente Italia is able to offer a high-end professional advisory in multiple areas of intervention, guaranteeing adequate and functional solutions to all needs. We ensure to each and every one of our clients not only our technical expertise, but a complete service all the way through the development of a project, working to achieve concrete results.

The quality and the efficiency of Ambiente Italia is demonstrated by the numerous prices and awards obtained internationally, by the constant participation to the main European research programs and by the affirmed presence in the academic debate.

Ambiente Italia Progetti applies all the experience matured in more than 20 years into interventions of plant engineering, architectural planning and structural design.

We offer an integrated and reliable service throughout the whole implementation process of requalification, urban and territorial development plans, drawing on the technical and professional competences in various fields offered by our staff.

Three areas of intervention: Waste, Water and Energy, for which we showed our ability to realize innovative high-efficiency plans, always guided by a special care for sustainability.