About us

Ambiente Italia is one of the most important Italian companies of environmental consultancy, active since twenty years in Italy and Europe, protagonist of the technical-scientific debate about sustainability and implementation of instruments and policies of safeguard and management of environmental and territorial resources.
Ambiente Italia was born in 1995 with the goal to realize – also in our country – a distinguished and independent institute of environmental research, based on the eco-institutes that in those years were being created in many European countries. Gathering the experience of Cooperativa Ecologia, founded in the early 80’s and active in Milan since 1984, Ambiente Italia aggregated various local companies of expert advice (in Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Tuscany, Lazio and Sicily) to acquire a national dimension. Through a constant and recognized presence, Ambiente Italia produced innovative and original solutions for the Italian environmental and energetic policies, gradually assuming a recognized positioning in the areas of research, expert advice and planning for environmental sustainability.

In twenty years of activity, Ambiente Italia worked with:

  • Companies in the food farming, manufacturing, construction and services sectors
  • Municipalities, Provinces and Regions
  • Management authorities of Parks and protected areas
  • Public utilities and managers of public services in energy, waste and water sectors
  • European and national Institutions and agencies

Ambiente Italia is capable of offering a high professional level of expert advice in various sectors of intervention and application, granting adequate and functional solutions for various necessities. In each project we give something more that goes beyond the simple bureaucratic fulfilment, granting a good propaganda but also concrete results. The quality and efficacy of the services of Ambiente Italia is proved by many recognitions obtained on national level as well as European level, by the constant presence in the most important European research programs, by the continuity of interventions for public or private clients.