• Originating from sustainability and operating from our headquarters in Milan- before the publication of "Our Common Future" in 1987 (Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development)- We have immediately been confronted with the need to interpret the principles of sustainability into instruments, methods, actions and concrete policies.
  • We have translated and promoted the principles of sustainability with consistency and scientific rigor, experimenting with innovative solutions that would allow us to ameliorate the environmental performance and reshape projects, products, organizations and events sustainably.
  • Although today sustainability is a concept that is being abused, washed and trivialized by habitual behaviours as lack of conscious and knowledge, for us the concept of sustainability has been and still is the conceptual model and core on which we measure our ability to provide "extraordinary" and effective advisory to clients and public and private partners.
  • As an interdisciplinary team that holds a noteworthy and prominent level of qualification, know-how and leadership. Moreover, Constructive dialogue with State and local authorities, economic operators and engaged stakeholders.
  • Due to our acquired practicality from 2000 projects, spanning over a period of 30 years of activity in the public and private sectors, additionally to over 100 projects- in the Environmental and Energy related research, development, awareness and information programs co-funded by the European Commission- we have served as a coordinator and partner.
  • This has allowed us the constant presence in the technical-scientific debate on environmental and territorial policies.
  • With the redefinition and structuring of corporate governance and operating structure, Ambiente Italia commences to explore new routes that consolidate the company's scope and opportunities in the national market, open exposure to new sector activities reaching new geographical extents of work, leading to a robust and resilient existence in the international consultancy and environmental advisory market.