A thirty-year experience at the service of sustainability.

We have always been protagonist in experimenting with new models and methods for environmental analysis and assessments, promoting innovative tools and defining strategies for sustainability.
We provide five areas of expertise to support public and private clients in every sector of environmental policy:

La mappa interattiva dei nostri servizi

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Environmental Due Diligence and Permitting

  • Preliminary analysis of the authorization requirements
  • Preliminary analysis of regulatory requirements
  • Environmental feasibility Evaluation
  • Environmental analysis and impact assessment
  • Analysis of the landscape and historical-artistic-cultural structure
  • Acoustic impact Assessment
  • Acoustic detection systems
  • Analysis of environmental and territorial data and their return on geographic information systems
  • Environmental monitoring plans design
  • Technical consultancy during authorization processes

Energy Efficiency & Renewables

  • Energy audits and diagnosis
  • Programs and efficiency measures
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Activities of Energy Services Company (ESCo) on projects to improve efficiency and monitor energy performance
  • Financial analysis of energy efficiency measures

Waste Management & Soil Remediation

  • Urban waste management plans,
  • Design of separate waste collection systems
  • Preparation of tender specifications for collection services and cost estimates.
  • Projects and awareness campaigns aimed at at-source waste reduction
  • Characterization plans, remediation and security measuring plans, management and monitoring of contaminated sites

Resources and landscape management, Adapation and Resilience.

  • Strategic and action plans for local sustainability
  • Plans, programs and nature based solutions for resilience and adaptation to climate change
  • Sustainable management and participatory planning of urban and territorial and landscape resources

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

  • Green and circular economy consulting, ESG analysis and evaluation, Environmental qualification of products and organizations, Sustainability labels, Corporate social responsibility, Environmental management and business reporting, Eco-design
  • Circular Economy and LCA: Life cycle analysis of products and processes, design and implementation of sustainability specifications, support in obtainment of product certifications and green label
  • Corporate Environmental management and social responsibility: Sustainability policy support and training for companies in the definition and also in performance reporting; environmental and safety audits; design and implementation of Environmental and Integrated Management Systems (Energy Quality Safety Environment) on behalf of private and public bodies

Climate and energy

  • Roadmap 2050: low carbon-density Europe
  • Enhancement of local energetic resources
  • Plans for the reduction of climate-changing emissions
  • Government and modulation of demand and supply of energy
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Improvement of energetic efficiency