Environmental Due Diligence and Permitting

What we do

  • Preliminary analysis of the authorization requirements
  • Preliminary analysis of regulatory requirements
  • Environmental feasibility Evaluation
  • Environmental analysis and impact assessment
  • Analysis of the landscape and historical-artistic-cultural structure
  • Acoustic impact Assessment
  • Acoustic detection systems
  • Analysis of environmental and territorial data and their return on geographic information systems
  • Environmental monitoring plans design
  • Technical consultancy during authorization processes



We are able to provide technical advice, planning and design solutions from the early stages of implementation using iterative approaches, presenting our clientele with all the potential scenarios and the most possible relevant environmental profiles that support the development of the civil and/or industrial entities and infrastructures.

Ambiente Italia ensures development through detailed and meticulous analysis, coupled with assessments based on  the most recent and advanced regulatory requirements(local, regional and global laws).  Additionally, we demand stakeholder engagement and create open and transparent dialogues between involved parties (competent authorities and the stakeholders) through the entire life of the environmental authorization process, while concurrently applying sustainable strategies (incorporating the United nations Sustainable development goals (SDGs)