Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

What we do

  • Green and circular economy consulting, ESG analysis and evaluation, Environmental qualification of products and organizations, Sustainability labels, Corporate social responsibility, Environmental management and business reporting, Eco-design
  • Circular Economy and LCA: Life cycle analysis of products and processes, design and implementation of sustainability specifications, support in obtainment of product certifications and green label
  • Corporate Environmental management and social responsibility: Sustainability policy support and training for companies in the definition and also in performance reporting; environmental and safety audits; design and implementation of Environmental and Integrated Management Systems (Energy Quality Safety Environment) on behalf of private and public bodies



As leaders and forerunners in introducing Italy to techniques, methods and innovative approaches leading to business sustainability through environmental analysis of production cycles and processes. We have accompanied dozens of companies in projects and processes of environmental qualification, In the past and until now we  participate and conduct several European research and awareness projects, we have worked and work with public entities and institutions for the distribution of environmental management tools for companies, for further promotion of Green Economy, and the definition of operational models of circular economy. With strong experience, robust curriculum and rich knowledge of our multidisciplinary team and the ability to establish good relations with companies, institutions and stakeholders, as well as a complex network of international relations, makes us- Ambiente Italia- an expert and reliable partner in the field of sustainability of investments, products , organizations, public policies.