Our Clients

In over twenty years of activity we have had more than 2000 clients, among public institutions and entities, large and small-medium enterprises, professional firms and engineering and design companies, always providing tailored, competent and effective advice. Our customers have always expressed their appreciation by renovating their partnership with us and requesting our experts' opinion about environmental and sustainability-related issues.

Our numbers:

  • Over 100 projects co-funded by the European Commission on various programs (LIFE, H2020, Interreg, FP7, Intelligent Energy, etc.) where we have participated as coordinators or partners.
  • Over 20 national Ministries, Institutions and Regions have entrusted us with research, consultancy and planning tasks on issues directly related to the management and protection of resources, environmental assessment and reporting and the enhancement of the natural heritage.
  • We have worked for about 350 local and supra-local authorities (Municipalities, Provinces, Mountain Communities, District Agencies, etc.), over 50 public and private agencies and utilities, about 20 natural, regional and supra-municipal parks.
  • We have largely worked with the private sector delivering services and innovative solutions for over 250 manufacturing and service companies, 15 construction companies, 170 agricultural companies.
  • Over 100 trade associations and bodies operating in the non-profit sector, in research and education.