Constructed wetlands for urban wastewater treatment

Constructed wetlands (CW) are an optimal solution of  decentralized wastewater treatment produced by small urban areas (small municipalities up to 2000 P.E, rural communities, scattered houses), that over the past 30 years demonstrated evidence of purifying capacity  on the national and international application scale purifying. The scientific research progress and advancement permitted the application of  CW systems to wastewater produced by increasingly large urban areas reaching up to 20,000 P.E. as that of the municipality of Ohrei in Moldova, designed by IRIDRA, that is currently the complete treatment system and the largest CW system in the world.




  • excellent efficiency, reduction of organic load, nutrients, bacterial load
  • simple construction and operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Lower construction costs compared with traditional systems for small and medium users
  • practically no management costs compared to traditional systems (almost zero energy consumption)
  • landscape insertion
  • Odor, insect proliferation and aerosols control and absence
  • no use of chemicals
  • doesn’t required skilled labor for management