Constructed wetland for combined sewage system

For the treatment of wastewater and storm water sewers it is possible to resort to natural purification systems such as CW, which locally treat the polluted water, instead of  accumulating the rain and then re-introducing it into the sewer, but by returning the purified water directly for natural circulation; they can also provide additional ecosystem services, such as the simultaneous functioning of “drainage conduit”, or integrating the systems and naturally allowing the reduction of hydraulic peaks.




  • in situ water purification and re-introduction of purified in the natural circulation water
  • reduction of flow rates to be treated by the purifiers compared to the first rain tanks
  • Reduced pollutants disposal in the water body compared to the solution with first rain tanks
  • reduction of hydraulic peaks generated by the sewage system
  • lower intervention costs compared to other system solutions, if the added ecological value is also considered
  • simple and economic management
  • attractive and compatible the landscape
  • opportunities for redevelopment of degraded peripheral areas
  • possibility of rebuilding precious wet ecosystems and reconnection of ecological corridors