Sludge dehydration

Sludge phyto-dehydration is a specific CW technique for the management of sludge obtained from large sludge plants, that can replace the entire sludge line of a purification plant, ensuring significant economic benefits and allowing the reuse of sludge in agriculture after being dehydrated and stabilized. This technique is also used as in situ treatment of excess primary sludge extracted from biological pits and Imhoff tanks.


Courtesy Steen Nielsen (Orbicon, DK)



  • no required mechanical parts
  • low maintenance
  • near zero energy consumption
  • low leachate production
  • reduction of sludge cycle management costs by over 50%
  • No use of chemical additives, and therefore absence of additional costs
  • no hygienic problems
  • high flexibility, i.e high sludge accumulation capacity
  • considerable reduction of total solids during mineralization
  • attractive and natural landscape integration
  • possibility of re-using dehydrated sludge in agriculture