ENTRAIN project presented at DHC+ Assembly

On Friday November 8th, Chiara Lazzari of Ambiente Italia, lead partner of the project, presented ENTRAIN at the DHC+ Assembly, in Brescia.

The project stems from the need to implement concrete solutions to reduce the use of fossil fuel, in conformity with the global commitment to fight climate change made in the Paris Agreement (2015).


ENTRAIN’s answer involves the use and spread of District Heating (DH) networks powered by renewable sources. District Heating networks are systems that are able to distribute energy efficiently and at a cheap price. They can utilize local resources, from solar energy to biomasses, from waste heat to heat pumps and geothermal energy.

The ENTRAIN project wants to facilitate the development of this technology, creating technical and financial supports and encouraging the investments, aiming to reduce the local carbon footprint and enhancing the air quality of the countries involved.


In Brescia, during the DHC+ Technology Platform Assembly organized by Euroheat, Chiara Lazzari (Energy Department Ambiente Italia and ENTRAIN Project Manager) had the chance to officially present ENTRAIN in front of an audience of international experts, explaining its main challenges, objectives and activities.

ENTRAIN, a project coordinated by Ambiente Italia, involves 6 countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia and Poland) as part of Interreg Central Europe, the EU cohesion policy programme, and it is only the last of a long series of European projects that Ambiente Italia has been part of throughout the years.



Chiara Lazzari presents ENTRAIN